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silloette piecesChess is a great activity for students of all ages, and the new friendships often last a life-time. It is an activity that does not depend on physical size or capabilities. It helps develop logic, memory, and planning - critical problem solving skills. This is something that few other activities do. Best of all it is fun!

The purpose of the Association is to broaden and develop chess as a significant element of cultural life in Wisconsin. The Association cooperates with chess clubs, schools, and other groups and institutions throughout Wisconsin in teaching chess and conducting tournaments.

The Green Bay Chess Association, Inc. is approved by the I.R.S. as a nonprofit, charitable 501 (c) 3 organization for educational purposes, which accepts tax deductible donations. We need your support! All contributions are appreciated. If you would like to make a donation, download our brochure and contact Luke Ludwig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mail us directly at Green Bay Chess Association, Inc., c/o Luke Ludwig, 2191 Allouez Ave. Green Bay, WI 54311.


Chess Club Meeting
St Joseph Church We meet at St. Joseph Church, 936 9th St. Green Bay, WI. every Thursday 7-10 pm.
Please park on the 13st. side of the building. Come in the back door by the windows. We do not meet on Thanksgiving day.


45th Green Bay Open Announced

July 2-3, 2022

Click here for details.

Online registration can be found at



newManitowac Chess Tornado Results

April 9, 2022

No. Name   Rating Score Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Rajendra, Avinash Shashikala   2150 4 W12 W21 W6 W3
2 Waller, Matthew   2103 3 W14 D7 W11 D4
3 Phipps, Daniel   2022 3 W25 W8 W13 L1
4 Prenot, Jonathon D   2002 2.5 D18 D11 W14 D2
5 Becker, Allen J   2000 2.5 D22 W18 D7 D9
6 Conant, Matthew S   2000 2.5 W15 W9 L1 D8
7 Elger, William   1900 2.5 W26 D2 D5 D10
8 Martinson, Jeffrey A   1887 2.5 W20 L3 W22 D6
9 Miller, Josh   1882 2.5 W23 L6 W16 D5
10 Sundaram, Senthil   1864 2.5 W17 L13 W24 D7
11 Coons, James Jay   1772 2.5 W24 D4 L2 W21
12 Vidas, Paul   1722 2.5 L1 D22 W19 W15
13 Talayko, Edgar   1987 2 W19 W10 L3 -U-
14 Hornyak, Anthony   1652 2 L2 W26 L4 W23
15 Manschot, Jonathan   1544 2 L6 W20 W21 L12
16 Boettner, Evan   1352 2 L21 W23 L9 W24
17 Kuten, Sam   1182 2 L10 D19 D18 W22
18 Grochowski, Robin J   1623 1.5 D4 L5 D17 -H-
19 Klandrud, Kevin   1490 1.5 L13 D17 L12 W26
20 Bruce, Jack   1270 1.5 L8 L15 W26 -H-
21 Hoffman, Guy G   1907 1 W16 L1 L15 L11
22 Gupta, Radhika   1528 1 D5 D12 L8 L17
23 Shah, Maisem   1256 1 L9 L16 -B- L14
24 Wochos, Evan   0 1 L11 -B- L10 L16
25 Botchek, Robert   1648 0 L3 -U- -U- -U-
26 Hoffman, Sandra R   1348 0 L7 L14 L20 L19
No. Name Rating Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Score
1 Jerez Gonzalez, Carlos 1478 W18 W12 W3 W4 4
2 Ross, Bj 1552 L7 W15 W11 W14 3
3 Therrien, Alexandre 1543 W16 W10 L1 W11 3
4 Dax, Keith 1530 W14 W5 W7 L1 3
5 Patterson-Sumwalt, Bob 1148 W17 L4 W20 W9 3
6 Ziehms, Stephen A 1334 -N- W19 W13 D8 2.5
7 Pennell, Andrew 1123 W2 W9 L4 -H- 2.5
8 Marchigiani, Nina Sofia 0 L11 W18 W12 D6 2.5
9 Rasmussen, Kenneth R 1386 W19 L7 W16 L5 2
10 Pezewski, Reid Alexander 1190 W22 L3 L14 W15 2
11 Peltier, Paul 1151 W8 W13 L2 L3 2
12 Lubinski, Luke I 1135 W20 L1 L8 W19 2
13 Lubinski, Nadia C 982 -X- L11 L6 W20 2
14 Frederick, Asher 978 L4 W17 W10 L2 2
15 Mattson, Thomas J 1496 -H- L2 W18 L10 1.5
16 Brenneman, Ricky A 1078 L3 W22 L9 D17 1.5
17 Martin, Michael 0 L5 L14 -B- D16 1.5
18 Valentine, Nathaniel 783 L1 L8 L15 W22 1
19 Nandi, Soham 401 L9 L6 W22 L12 1
20 O'leary-Hosmanek, Grae 0 L12 -B- L5 L13 1
21 Frey, David 1533 -F- -U- -U- -U- 0
22 Haen, Rhyser Raymond 0 L10 L16 L19 L18 0


In Memory of Kelly Borman.

Long-time club player passed away recently.

IMG 0333
IMG 0308
2015speed champ


Kelly's Final Game





 Rent the Big Chess Set!      Rent is $50 per day. Use of the set is subject to the local  area only! Contact Luke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details. 

Titletown DevelopmentJoin us at Titletown District across from Lambeau Field! 

 We will meet this summer Wednesday from 4-6pm. June 15, July 20, August 17, and September 14.